Study program: Maintenance of Vehicles


Guarantor of study: prof. Ing. Peter Zvolenský, CSc.
Study advisor: doc. Ing. Dalibor Barta, PhD.

Graduate profil:

Graduates of study program Maintenance of vehicles are competent after completing a Master degree work as - Maintenance Engineer.

Maintenance engineer - understands methodology and procedures of deployment and operation of vehicles,, has knowledge in structure and operation of vehicles,has methodological skills of analysis and reliability assessment of technical and operational systems,and methodologies and sophisticated procedures of complex maintenance systems of vehicles deployed in production and non-production systems,methodology and procedures of designing and deploymenting the information systems of maintenance on managerial level (Computer Maintenace management systems - CMMS). Engineer has the knowledge and practical skills in methodological approaches and creating procedures of project management and operational control in the maintenance in the complex care equipment. Knowledge are complemented by simulation and verification of model solution of machine operation, taking into account the real interaction to the effects of the operation and the environment, management of technical methods and procedures of maintenance activities associated with the vehicles operation, on methods of technical diagnostics. Egineer has priority in the designing of complex systems of maintenance, management, organization and preparation of technical maintenance of vehicles, in the management, organization and technical preparation of service activities linked to the the operation of vehicles in the field of trade and services related to machinery and equipment, as well as independent entrepreneur (engineering) for the maintenance, servicing and sale of machinery.

General characteristics

Graduates ability  is given by knowledge and practical skills in the field of maintenance, systems theory, from the design principles and operational manifestations of vehicles, from the theory of methods and processes of management and programming of the theory of operational reliability of technical and operational systems, from fields of methods theory and procedures for their operation, maintenance and diagnostics, management of the production and operating systems, the exploitation of methods and resources of computer support and software products in this area.

Graduates are able creatively apply their sophisticated interdisciplinary knowledge in designing and designing application maintenance, service and operation of vehicles, as well as the design and application design, service and operation of complex operational systems, the organization, management and technical maintenance of such systems solution for their maintain in working order, the design and designing models the complex systems of care for the vehicles, the design and technical solution diagnosing vehicles.

Theoretical knowledges
The graduate will be equipped with enhanced (on an adequate scale) the theoretical knowledge and understanding especially in areas:
- general basis: learn the basic knowledge and principles of the theory of transport equipment, control theory and programming vehicles, theories and operational reliability of technical systems, transport equipment, theory of technical diagnostics of vehicles,
- Technical basis: gain benefits from knowledge-based engineering and construction of transport equipment, methods of operation and maintenance management, design methodology, maintenance and operation, technical methodology of creative workt

Practical skills and abilities
Graduate obtain with practical forms of studies practical skills and abilities in particular areas:
- design, projecting and deploying systems of maintenance of vehicles, as well as planning, designing and deploying model of the complex care for complex manufacturing and operating systems,
- designing, projecting and deployment of diagnostic models, diagnostic systems and equipment,
- development and implementation of methods and process control of production and non-production systems,
- drafting, designing and deployment of vehicles into operation,
- design, implementation and program preparation of computer technology for the particular application.

Additional knowledge, skill and abilities
Graduated obtain an additional knowledge, skills and abilities in the field:
- creating and using the systemic approaches to analyzing technical problems and formulation of tasks to solve them,
- creating and using an effective methods and procedures in the organization of system solution of a technical problem,
- organization and effective work management of realization team, according to professional, ethical and legal framework of the profession,
- organizing and managing effective processes in working with economic information,
- effective processes for the evaluation and analysis of operational data, systemic approaches to application-related standards and regulations,
- preparation and management of business of small and medium-sized companies.