Simulator of equivalent railway traffic load on test stand

Aim of the project

Main aim of the project is to complete newly built railway vehicles braking components test stand with simulator of equivalent railway working load and perform scientific research of wear (changes in nominal geometry of wheel and rail profiles)and analyze the development of equivalent conicity as an important parameter of geometrical characteristics of wheelsets and the track surface and driving characteristics of rail vehicle in operation.

Partial goals to fulfill the main objectives are:
  • application of  frame forces changes,         

  • application of changes of wheel forces,

  • application  of changes of the transverse position of the wheelset in ultimate serviceability limit cycle,

  • application of modifcation of  braking forces,

  • Program management of the loading collection of test stand simulator SIMRAIL.


License for Education

We would like to thank APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH for their friendly support and for supplying the fmea software APIS IQ-Software for free for research and education!

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