prof. Dr. Ing. Juraj Gerlici
  • wheel/rail contact analysis
  • testing bench of railway vehicles components
  • automated measurement and data evaluation by PC
  • thermal phenomena braked railway vehicles
  • design, structural and dynamic analysis of vehicles

prof. Ing. Daniel Kalinčák, PhD.
  • theory and design of railway vehicles
  • theory and design of track maintenance machines
  • testing of railway vehicles and its components
  • hybrid traction
  • braking systems of railway vehicles
  • technical means of combined transport
  • applications of stochastic processes in the railway vehicles dynamics

prof. Ing. Peter Zvolenský, CSc.
  • experimnetal analysis of sound and vibration
  • enviromental aspects of transport and handling machines
  • acoustic projects under Law No. 24/2006 Z.z.
  • certification of entities in charge of maintenance (ECM) EU 448/2011

prof. Ing. Pavol Kukuča, PhD.
  • valve system of combustion engines with constant and variable timing
  • kinematics and dynamics of combustion engines
  • nonconventional  mechanism of combustion engines and its aplications in Stirling engine
  • combustion engines testing



doc. Ing. Juraj Grenčík, PhD.
  • systems and maintenance organization
  • performance evaluation of mainnance
  • mechanics and energy of transport
  • operating characteristics of vehicles

doc. Ing. Tomáš Lack, PhD.
  • technical calculations in the field of transport and handling machines
  • creation of specialized software with a focus on applications in engineering
  • automated measurement and data evaluation by PC
  • analysis of vehicle dynamics
  • wheel/rail contact analysis

doc. Ing. Stanislav Malinčík, PhD.
  • electrical equipment of railway vehicles
  • repair technology

doc. Ing. Vladimír Stuchlý, PhD.
  • problem solving methods FTA, RBD, FMEA, RCFA a RCM
  • propose the content and scope of maintenance of technical systems
  • planning and maintenance management as a project management
  • assessment of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of technical systems
  • planning and designing of maintenance processes
  • maintenance processes simulation

doc. Ing. Róbert Labuda, PhD.
  • theory, management and testing of combustion engines and accessories
  • power transmission and measurement of powertrain vehicles
  • testing, simulation and load conditions in the laboratory and computer

doc. Ing. Dalibor Barta, PhD.
  • Excursion, Practice, Combustion engines
  • Erasmus - Ergonomics a ecology




Ing. Jana Galliková, PhD.  

Ing. Jozef Harušinec, PhD.
  • creation of virtual models and drawings of machinery and equipments
  • technical calculations in mechanical engineering
  • simulation analysis of wheel-rail contact
  • technological processes design

Ing. Rudolf Řezníček, PhD.
  • testing in the field of transport machines
  • braking test benchs
  • measurement and analysis of mechanical parameters
  • thermal phenomena of braked railway vehicles

Ing. Ján Dižo, PhD.
  • dynamics analysis of vehicles and machinery
  • theory of transport means

Ing. Miroslav Blatnický, PhD.
  • Transport and handling machines 1, 2 a 3, Transport machinery and handling machines 1
  • Lifting machines
  • Stell structures

Ing. Andrej Kovalčík, PhD.
  • Engines 1a 2, Engines testing
  • CAE in combustion engines - use of computer support for the development and design of combustion engines
  • Erasmus - Engines


Ing. Roman Poprocký
  • problem solving methods FTA, RBD, FMEA, RCFA a RCM
  • propose the content and scope of maintenance of technical systems
  • information systems for maintenance management
  • assessment of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of technical systems
  • software support maintenance
  • maintenance processes simulation



Name Thesis

  • III. year
Ing. Ján Ďungel Assessment of noise emissions rolling stock, depending on their design and construction lines.
Ing. Ján Repka Accumulation energy possibility of the vehicle and re-use to increase efficiency drive.
Ing. Andrej Suchánek Analysis of stress distribution in a braked railway wheel.
Ing. Pavol Šťastniak The draft of structural design of freight railway wagon with variable use of cargo space

  • II. year
Ing. Miloš Brezáni Options noise reduction cogeneration units and proposed an integrated flue gas heat exchanger with noise-damping properties.
Ing. František Ruman Rail vehicle in terms of income and expense for the life cycle.
Ing. Veronika Štefaňaková Test stand load modulus proposal for realistic simulation of railway operation.
Ing. Lenka Valčáková Analysis of the braking test bench characteristics components of railway vehicles.

  • I. year
Ing. Peter Baran Dynamic problems of Stirling engine with nonconventional mechanism FIK .
Ing. Lukáš Bavlna Experimental research of interior noise in vehicles depending on the construction of the coach floor.
Ing. Mária Maňurová Ride comfort analysis of railway vehicles driving track curvature.
Ing. Martin Mikolajčík Analysis of options to optimize fuel consumption on traction railway vehicle independent traction.


License for Education

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