Department of Transport and Handling Machines

Department is one of the original founder of the Academy of Railway in Prague. Its activity was based on a long tradition in the construction, operation and maintenance of railway vehicles. The main areas of focus are the construction of railway vehicles, combustion engines, handling equipment and maintenance services.

The department provides bachelor degree particular in studies of Vehicles and engines, engineering studies in the fields of:

  • Motor vehicles, railway vehicles, ships and aircrafts in study program Railway vehicles,
  • Maintenance of machines and equipment in study program Maintenance of vehicles,
  • Energetic machines and equipment in the study program Combustion engines, aircraft engines.

Postgraduate Doctoral Study (Ph.D) in the fields of:
  • Motor vehicles, railway vehicles, ships and aircrafts in the program Rail vehicles,
  • Energy machinery and equipment in the program Combustion engines, aircraft engines.

Department focuses on tackling the challenge of vehicle safety against derailment, wheel/rail contact, theory and design of railway vehicles and track machinery, testing of brake systems, virtual modeling, transport machinery.

Department develops the theory and application of maintenance of railway vehicles, as well as machines and equipment in general, deals with the issue of reliability and the development of new systems of maintenance such as reliability-oriented maintenance management, the maintenance processes by using most modern softwares in project management and computing maintenance management systems.

Also continues in the traditional areas of research as drive transportation, operation of vehicles and their qualitative and environmantálne parameters, with emphasis on reducing noise and vibration.