prof. Dr. Ing. Juraj Gerlici
  • wheel/rail contact analysis
  • testing bench of railway vehicles components
  • automated measurement and data evaluation by PC
  • thermal phenomena braked railway vehicles
  • design, structural and dynamic analysis of vehicles

prof. Ing. Daniel Kalinčák, PhD.
  • theory and design of railway vehicles
  • theory and design of track maintenance machines
  • testing of railway vehicles and its components
  • hybrid traction
  • braking systems of railway vehicles
  • technical means of combined transport
  • applications of stochastic processes in the railway vehicles dynamics

prof. Ing. Peter Zvolenský, CSc.
  • experimnetal analysis of sound and vibration
  • enviromental aspects of transport and handling machines
  • acoustic projects under Law No. 24/2006 Z.z.
  • certification of entities in charge of maintenance (ECM) EU 448/2011

prof. Ing. Pavol Kukuča, PhD.
  • valve system of combustion engines with constant and variable timing
  • kinematics and dynamics of combustion engines
  • nonconventional  mechanism of combustion engines and its aplications in Stirling engine
  • combustion engines testing



doc. Ing. Juraj Grenčík, PhD.
  • systems and maintenance organization
  • performance evaluation of mainnance
  • mechanics and energy of transport
  • operating characteristics of vehicles

doc. Ing. Stanislav Malinčík, PhD.
  • electrical equipment of railway vehicles
  • repair technology

doc. Ing. Dalibor Barta, PhD.
  • Excursion, Practice, Combustion engines
  • Erasmus - Ergonomics a ecology

doc. Ing. Miroslav Blatnický, PhD.
  • Transport and handling machines 1, 2 a 3, Transport machinery and handling machines 1
  • Lifting machines
  • Stell structures

doc. Ing. Ján Dižo, PhD.
  • dynamics analysis of vehicles and machinery
  • mechanics of vehicles and machines
  • computational methods in vehicles
  • theory of transport means
  • project activities



Ing. Jozef Harušinec, PhD.
  • creation of virtual models and drawings of machinery and equipments
  • technical calculations in mechanical engineering
  • simulation analysis of wheel-rail contact
  • technological processes design

Ing. Andrej Suchánek, PhD.
  • theory and design of rail vehicles
  • testing of vehicles and their components
  • test benches of rail vehicles' components
  • braking systems of rail vehicles
  • heat phenomena during rail vehicles braking
  • design, strength and dynamic calculations of vehicles

Ing. Pavol Šťastniak, PhD.
  • research in the field of design of transport means
  • analyses of structural and driving properties of vehicles as well as all phenomena related with the design, operation and testing
  • technical means of combined transport
  • management and realization of activities of projects of structural funds of European Union's resources

Ing. Miloš Brezáni, PhD.  


doc. Ing. Kateryna Kravchenko, PhD.
  • controlled spring suspension
  • controlledvibration dampers
  • tribological characteristics in wheel-rail contact
  • cooling and wear of brake pads
  • resistance to movement of ventilation ducts and brake discs
  • noise in wheel-rail contact
  • noise in bke pads contact
  • recycling of used tyres and oils
  • anti-climbing devices and protective shields of freight wagons


Name Thesis

  • III. year
Ing. Lukáš Čajkovič Improving the mechanical properties of the UIC brake bench.
Ing. Yullia Fomina Airflow simulation when braking with a disc brake.
Ing. Erik Kuba Environment influence on properties of friction elements of a braking system.
Ing. Vladimír Pavelčík Simulation of airflow during tests on the UIC brake bench.
Ing. František Pribilinec Improving of parameters of an UIC test bench lubricant chain.

  • II. year
Ing. Súrja Knap  
Ing. Sebastián Solčanský Analysis of dynamic properties of a vehicle with the Y25 bogie.

  • I. year
Ing. Denis Molnár An implementation of transport and handling machines to a mechanical system for testing of brake components of rail vehicles.